What would you change in your life?

In THE DAY SHE DIED, John Michaels gets to relive parts of high school, college, and middle age. While he relives his life to primarily find out who murdered his college girlfriend, he also gets a chance to redo parts of his life. Armed with the knowledge of a full life, John gets to be a sports star, date the popular girl, and help those in need.

What if you could relive your life?

What would you change?

One thought on “What would you change in your life?”

  1. Being a fan of Science Fiction, this is a question I’ve asked myself on more than one occasion. As I look back I do see places I went left when right might have been better, I see mistakes and hurts I could have avoided. There are certainly moments I’d like to relive, people I’d like a bit more time with, historical figures I’d love to meet. But changing my life…I don’t know. Everything I see that I might change for the better would have a negative influence on someone or something I love. So, I guess as riddled with error as it’s been, it’s who I am and I’ll keep it.

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What would you change?