THE DAY SHE DIED audio book coming soon…

I’m excited to announce THE DAY SHE DIED will be released in audiobook form in a few weeks. The novel is read by A.W. Miller, and he has done a great job. I’m excited about the readers that will discover my novel in this high quality product. Mr. MilleraudiocoverTDSDlowres(1) is a professional that adds class and distinction to my words…almost making the book sound better than it is. (Not really, lol. It’s really good.)

I am excited about this because I love audio books, but that wasn’t always the case. My first experience with audio books was back in the late 1990s when my wife and I went on a road trip and listened to a couple of the LEFT BEHIND Series books on audio tape. The books were condensed into two cassettes and thought it was horrible how the reader would change his voice to imitate each character. Why couldn’t he just read the book as it was written!?Walkman

My life took a turn when I got a job with the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority. This job required lot’s of driving…up to 8 hours a day in a car. How was I going to manage that. I loved to read and once again thought I’d give audio books a try. I picked up Ken Follett’s HORNET FLIGHT, and was immediately captured by the incredible story.

From there, I was hooked. I always had an audio book with me, and I made sure I had a Sony Walkman if the car didn’t have a cassette player.  One of the best part of audio books was listening to several books in a series and hearing the same reader over an


d over.  A great reader of an audio book makes the characters real and the book comes alive. That’ s what A.W. Miller has done with my novel.

When I first started audio books, the selection was somewhat limited, and I found a few duds but usually came across some incredible finds. Dean Koontz’s THE FACE is an amazing story with a narration by actor Dylan Baker I still can hear in my head.

I hope you’ll check out the audio book of THE DAY SHE DIED when it comes out. It would be great for trip this summer and that long ride in the car.