What would bestselling author Linda Goodnight change in her life?

linda goodnightAfter a break I am back featuring Christian Authors answering a few questions about time travel and writing.  I’d like to thank Linda Goodnight for taking the time to answer these questions. She is a USA Today and NY Times bestselling author. I urge you to check out her website listed below and buy some of her books.

Linda Goodnight

1.        If you could travel back in time to be a witness to any event in history, what event would you choose, and why?

 I am a history buff. Love the stuff. And there are so many historical events I would love to have witnessed—the ride of Paul Revere, the writing of the Declaration of Independence, the first Thanksgiving, and a ton of others. But if I have to choose one, the moment in history that I find most important is the morning Jesus rose from dead. Wow. I would love to have been in the garden near the tomb at that moment. Those people truly had their faith become sight.

(I agree with Linda. History is amazing, but nothing more than Jesus rising from the dead)

2.       Name one time period in history you would not want to be alive during. Why?

 During the Roman persecution of early Christians because…well, I am one, and I don’t want to be tossed into the Coliseum with lions or drawn and quartered or burned alive as a human torch. (Although sadly, atrocities against Christians are becoming frighteningly similar today.)

3.       If you could go back in time and do anything different in your writing career or journey, what would you do and why?

 Mostly, I am happy with my career. It’s been good to me and my family, but I was often a coward about forging ahead into the new ventures I really wanted to do. For instance, I’ve wanted to leave series and write single title mainstream books for years but was afraid of failure. If I could go back, I would have jumped out there much sooner.  Oh, and I would have hired an agent sooner! I really wasn’t as smart as I thought I was.

4.       When you think of time travel, what is your favorite book, movie, or TV show on the subject?

Quantum Leap. Anyone remember that old TV show in which the main character was thrust into a new time period each week?  It was so much fun and I never missed it.

(Amazingly I never watched Quantum Leap. Its probably quite dated now)

5.       If you had a chance to relive your life and do something different or many things different, what would you do and why? (can be lighthearted or serious?)

 That’s a poignant question today as I’m thinking of my late son, whose birthday is today. Knowing that I would lose him so young, I would have spent so much more quality time with him. Better yet, I would have nagged him into having a scan months before he discovered the cancer was already too advanced. If I had done that, when my mother’s intuition said something wasn’t right with my child, he would still be here today to eat yellow cake with chocolate butter cream frosting and listen to his crazy family sing happy birthday.

(Thank you Linda for sharing this very personal moment in your life)

6.       Tell me how I can introduce you. Name, website, published books, etc. Blog

 New York Times Bestseller Linda Goodnight   www.lindagoodnight.com  The next book from Love Inspired is Cowboy Under the Mistletoe in early Nov., 2014.  The Memory House from HQN hits the shelves in April, 2015.