What would Agent Terry Burns change in his life?

My first guest on my blog to answer my time travel questions is my former agent Terry Burns. Terry is a great guy who gives his clients the very best.  Helping Christian writers succeed is truly a passion of his. While Terry wasn’t able to sell my novel, through the time as a client with his, I met Suzanne Hartman, and a few years later, she started Castle Gate Press, and remembered my novel. God knew what he was doing.at ACFW

Below are Terry’s answers, and my comments in parenthesis.

1.       If you could travel back in time to be a witness to any event in history, what event would you choose, and why?

 That’s an easy one. I’d like to be there when Jesus came out of that tomb, witness first hand the resurrection of my Savior.

(I totally agree. THE EVENT of Jesus. But pick a day in his life, and it would be amazing.)

 2.       Name one time period in history you would not want to be alive during. Why?

 I guess that would have to be the Great Depression, although the way things are going I may have to go through it yet. 

(Not many good things happened in the 1930s, including the dust bowl in my home of Oklahoma.)

 3.       If you could go back and time and do anything different in your writing career or journey, what would you do and why?

 I would start writing fiction much sooner.

 4.       When you think of time travel, what is your favorite book, movie, or TV show on the subject?

 Actually it would be a book that I wrote that never got published, “Stone Age Cowboy.” I may bring it out yet.

5.       If you had a chance to relive your life and do something different or many things different, what would you do and why? (can be lighthearted or serious?)

Absolutely no doubt, I would have married my wife Saundra right after high school and taken her off to college with me.

(Terry is a true gentleman!)

6.       Tell me how I can introduce you. Name, website, published books, etc. Blog

 Terry Burns, agent for Hartline Literary Agency, author of over 40 published books. Website and blog at www.terryburns.net

I want to thank Terry for taking the time to answer these questions.

3 thoughts on “What would Agent Terry Burns change in his life?”

  1. Yes, the Great Depression was a terrible time, as Terry said. My parents had all they could do to scrape through it, and I was born into the middle of it in 1930. In retrospect, though, it was a great time in some ways, particularly literature and music. In literature Faulkner, Wolfe, Steinbeck, and even Hemingway were active, as Eliot and Auden were in poetry. And it was a truly great era in music: composers Jerome Kern, Cole Porter, Hoagy Carmichael, Johnny Mercer; the big bands of Paul Whiteman, Bennie Goodman, the Dorsey brothers, Glenn Miller…. And out of the deepest depression in 1930 came that wonderfully optimistic song “Beyond the Blue Horizon,” sung by Jeannette MacDonald in the film “Monte Carlo.” Nevertheless, I would not like to live those years again, and I can enjoy their wonderful literature and music more in better, later decades.

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