New Blog Series: What would you change in your life?

October is the release month of THE DAY SHE DIED! I’m so excited, and part of promoting my novel is this series of blogs. In my novel, John Michaels gets to relive his life and make new choices and do things differently.  So over the next several weeks I will be posting answers to the questions below from many authors and agents. And to get things kicked off, I thought I would start.20140618_191517_resized

1.       If you could travel back in time to be a witness to any event in history, what event would you choose, and why?

 Every period in history has events I would love to see. How advanced was the Roman empire exactly? What was it like to walk with Jesus? How dark was the dark ages? World War One fascinates me because I’ve seen grainy black and white pictures, but the reality of it was no doubt horrible.  For some reason, my mind goes to wars or battles or assassinations, but that wouldn’t be fun to see in real life.

So I think the choice is easy. The birth of Jesus. My son just turned 13 and we spent a few minutes watching videos of when he was a new born. A screaming crying helpless baby. I imagine Jesus was just like that when he was born.

The birth of Jesus is one of the most reproduced stories in history, but what was it really like. I’d love to know.

 2.       Name one time period in history you would not want to be alive during. Why?

 Hmm, how about during the black plague in Europe, a time when medical thinking was backwards at best. It would be horrible to see so much death and not know why and not know how to prevent it.

 3.       If you could go back and time and do anything different in your writing career or journey, what would you do and why?

 I would definitely get rid of that foolish idea that I can do it all on my own, without the need of critique partners or editors. I think much of that came from my introverted nature. I perhaps thought seeking help was too difficult. But my writing improved so much once I allowed and sought the input of so many willing authors and agents editors.

4.       When you think of time travel, what is your favorite book, movie, or TV show on the subject?

 I’ve blogged about this before. REPLAY by Ken Grimwood is amazing. Written in the 1980s, it tells a story of Jeff Winston, a man who dies but wakes up in 1960s as a teenager. He lives his life with all the knowledge of his previous life, so he knows how history will play out. As the novel goes on, Jeff keeps dying and reliving his life. He keeps trying out different ways in finding happiness. He’s good in one life, a family man in another, a total party animal in another. A great thought provoking novel.

5.       If you had a chance to relive your life and do something different or many things different, what would you do and why? (can be lighthearted or serious?)

 I wish I could have prevented the pain and misery that my brother and his wife suffered when their son Jack was born early and lived only four short years.

I’d totally make tons of different financial decisions. Where was Dave Ramsey when I needed him?

And when you read my novel, you’ll see perhaps some of my own regrets played out in John Michaels’ life. Let’s just say that at my 6’2″ height, I should have been a guard in high school basketball instead of a post player. I always wondered how my high school basketball career would have turned out if I had realized this sooner.

Check back often for many well known best selling authors answering these same questions.

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