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The Day She Died--Front Cover(1)

The first review of THE DAY SHE DIED!!!!

The Day She Died--Front Cover(1)Check out the review from Midwest Book Review. I’m so humbled by their praise, and ready to buy a case of books!!!

D. Donovan

eBook Reviewer, Midwest Book Reviews

Now, here’s a genre mystery with a twist: it’s also a time travel story. And if, by this, you’re anticipating a theme similar to Somewhere in Time, think again: it’s not a romance but a mystery plain and simple, and therefore carries with it all the intrigue and suspense applied to a tense thriller; but with the time travel factor adding more than a feel of divergence.

Yes, there’s romance – but there’s also a twenty-year-old unsolved crime and the rare opportunity to go back in time for clues to make things right on many levels.

And this is where The Day She Died gets delightfully complex and unique: as protagonist John comes to unearth these clues of the past, the fine line between dreams and reality begins to fade – and with them, important keys to resolution. New opportunities emerge under new realities and different rules of conduct when John finds himself in his old apartment reliving the worst day of his life: the day when Kim disappeared twenty years ago.

The past is now ‘today’ – yet, John holds memories of this strange old world, and with his encounter comes the unexpected hope that most time travelers harbor: an opportunity to change and correct past errors. But, at what cost?

As readers follow this unusual, winding plot of investigation and hope they become immersed in John’s thought processes as he investigates Kim’s circle further, probing clues he’d originally passed by…

And as his investigation continues, John finds himself mired in a deadly game that moves beyond Kim’s disappearance and is spiced by time travel’s enticing possibilities, which even include a wedding to the girl of his dreams…

Even when he finds what he’s looking for, the story doesn’t end there: the overall mystery still drives events and John feels compelled to see it through to the end – even if what he’s newly regained might once again vanish.

If it sounds like this description is tiptoeing, it’s only because The Day She Died is delightfully sinuous, packed with revelations and the unexpected. Although the time-travel piece may sound confusing, it’s not. Bill Garrison paints a believable, easily-followed story line that will immerse even the most seasoned of mystery readers and time travel enthusiasts, to surprise and delight right up to the end.

And in the mystery and time travel worlds, that’s no mean feat!

Mystery readers tired of predictable plots and singular dimensions will find The Day She Died offers a different tale designed to challenge and delight!