Does everything matter? Girls?

A few weeks ago my 6th grade son called from church camp asking if he should talk to a girl.

“Sure,” I said. “Don’t be shy.”

But I missed the point. He wanted to know if he should talk to this girl at camp because he already had a “girlfriend” back home. My wife and I both said “Yes!” talk to her.

I don’t know if he did talk to that girl, and it probably doesn’t matter. But, what if it does matter. What if this was the girl he will eventually marry. But it will never happen if he didn’t talk to her. I know people, even in my own family, who knew their spouses at a very young age.

I don’t think people should treat every decision as one that will have potential life changing affects. But neither should we live life in a way that leaves us scared to take chances, and open to regret that we didn’t take advantage of opportunities when we had a chance.

In my novel, THE DAY SHE DIED, John Michaels made a lot of mistakes in life. But he actually gets a chance to make up for those mistakes when he wakes up as a high school student back in 1986. What will he do different? Will his life turn out better? Or worse.

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