Memorial Day with the Family

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I had a great weekend with the family over Memorial Day Weekend. We had a rare three days off together. Even though it rained all weekend, we found time to swim at the pool, grill hamburgers, go to Pops, the mall, and the Oklahoma Science Museum. We also took the time to let our kids know that Memorial Day is a time we honor those who served our country.

Pops is a restaurant on Route 66 just east of Oklahoma City that has 200 varieties of bottled soda in almost every flavor imaginable. Last year, my son got chocolate bacon flavored pop. This year he stuck with Root Beer. I went with Jolt Cola, a childhood favorite of mine.

Every weekend is filled with every kid doing every activity you can think of. So while we are still a family, we lose track of doing family things together. We had other options this weekend, but felt it was very important to be deliberate in doing things together, enjoying each other’s company, and having fun.

We all had a great time and now its back to work for my wife and  I, and a summer of fun begins for my kids. But thankfully, we began the summer with a great time together.

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